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Decoding AQ Your Greatest Superpower: Ross Thornley

Book Review: A play book of AQ which can help you learn the skills of AQ to unlock your greatest potential.

The book begins with a startling statement: “As a species, we are currently navigating the most intense period of change that has ever existed in human history.” For many of us living through the last three years, it certainly feels so. Ross Thornley asserts that, at no point in our 300,000 years on the planet Earth have we ever had to cope with more rapid change. Let That Sink in!

The good news is, Adaptability is a learned competency!

Yes, you can learn to be adaptable.

Adaptability has been called “the new competitive advantage” by Harvard Business School, and was among the top five skills sought by employers according to the 2019 LinkedIn Global Trends Study, and was the number one soft skill sought by Employers according to the 2019 LinkedIn’s Workforce Learning Report.

Decoding AQ Your Greatest Superpower, explains how you can unlock your highest potential through measurement of the abilities, characteristics, and environmental factors which impact the successful behaviours and actions of people & organisations to effectively respond to uncertainty.

It’s also a book about fear. How fear can control us, how it can shape and damage our lives. It is about how we can use fear constructively, with Ross citing personal examples of how he coped through life threatening diagnoses of two loved ones, and a past business decision which could have been detrimental to his future.

Ross defines adaptability as “the capacity to adjust one’s thoughts and behaviours in order to effectively respond to uncertainty, new information, or changed circumstances.” It is exactly this that enabled Ross to navigate through a very difficult time in his life.

Signs that you may not be exercising your Adaptability Intelligence are:

  1. Only Listening to one News Channel
  2. Shallow breathing
  3. Limiting your goals, based on your past
  4. Not challenging others, for fear of conflict

Does this resonate with you? Then Decoding AQ will empower you to not only be able to adapt and survive in the future world, but to thrive and realise your best Self – every day feeling more confident in who you are and what you can achieve.

Decoding AQ Includes:

  • ‍Up-to-the-minute data and research on adaptability
  • An overview of AQai’s new scientifically validated model of AQ, the A.C.E model
  • Practical exercises for raising AQ based on thousands of data-points
  • In-depth strategies for integrating AQ with current practices in the workplace and overcoming the corporate immune system response
  • And much more

About the Author

Ross Thornley is an exponential leader, futurist, and adaptability pioneer. He balances the rapid technological world with a peaceful life in the New Forest with his family, growing vegetables and fruit.

Website www.aqai.io