HR Stepping UP

A Challenge to all you 9000 HR professionals to exchange and collaborate and STEP UP

HR has done a stellar job and it is a commendable effort indeed. However, apart from the daily grind of structures, processes, continuity etc. the human aspect needs further attention.

HR needs to talk to people, one on one. It needs to get out of its offices and visit the trenches. It needs to request candid feedback. Conduct exit interviews. Conduct 360 sessions. Delve into the how not only the why etc.

If you are doing all that, really doing it effectively, then you can relax. Congratulations.

If not, then think about it.

What HR comes across on a daily basis, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to office politics, back-stabbing, side stepping, bending the truth, manipulating the facts and the games people play. All this, on top of toxic bosses, unfair practices, favoritism, bullying, being humiliated or demeaned for their work and efforts – not being managed effectively or being micro-managed, not being treated fairly and not being recognized or rewarded equitably.

Every organization has, to whatever degree, all of these elements and then some. What HR can do is ensure justice and a balance that is so critically needed. People leave organizations because of bad managers. They may have been mis-treated, not appreciated, not provided opportunities for growth, had a toxic boss etc. But they also leave because there is no justice. No control mechanisms to handle their colleagues misdeeds, their bosses injustices, their subordinates office politics etc. and the entire system does not seem to have an answer to any of these.

HR keeps track of all the other aspects including CSR, Going Green, Training, Leave and pay + benefits etc. These do not come close to the daily occurrence of the other elements that deeply sap our workforce. With all of its good intentions and wanting to do the right thing and putting formulae and charts together to support their initiatives, these elements remain untracked.

I understand that some of these aspects may irk HR professionals, but it is not a spot on their professionalism. It is human nature at work and that is something that is not easily tracked, controlled, captured and contained. I say not easily, but that does not mean we walk away from it and do not take responsibility for what may be. It is not harsh criticism, but constructive feedback on an aspect that till now, has escaped fairly unscathed.

Let’s put our heads together and work out what everyone is doing to mitigate the above.

A call to action:

Since this platform has over 9000 professionals, lets collate all the initiatives, approaches, frameworks, ideas, checklists etc. that HR professionals have used to address the above-mentioned human challenges.

Would make for an interesting definitive listing for everyone. Whoever participates, they would receive a final structured list for their own use, FREE.

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