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Innovative Recruitment Market Place Platform Assists in Saudization

Case Study: Ubidy Assists Ace resource talent in the efforts to Saudization.


The notion that the recruitment industry could sustain itself on traditional outdated hiring processes, particularly in the face of a growing global skills shortage, swiftly became outdated around 10 years ago, which saw the germination of a concept to alleviate hiring organisations of time consuming, inefficient, and expensive talent sourcing processes -Ubidy.

ACE, Founded in 1952, Arab Commercial Enterprises (ACE) is the pioneer of the Saudi Insurance Industry. Being a Saudi based organisation they endeavor to support Saudization (local talent requirements) through regional agency-driven talent acquisition. They were challenged to identify local talent for required roles as well as expat talent which could return to Saudi to fulfil local requirements. The problem was that traditional recruitment processes were becoming less effective, and more expensive and time consuming. ACE needed a solution that would grant swift access to appropriate pools of both active as well as passive job seekers.

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