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MOHRE Showcases at Gitex 2022

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Showcases Its Latest Smart Systems at GITEX


The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’s (MoHRE) participation at GITEX Global, the world’s largest tech show that is being held this year from 10 to 14 October 2022 at the Sheikh Saeed Hall at Dubai World Trade Center, will revolve around showcasing its latest smart systems, including the rapidly-updated MoHRE app.

In line with its directives aimed at digitally transforming its services, the Ministry will showcase its prominent smart services to serve customers, such as the awareness program as part of the self-guidance service, the new communication channel via WhatsApp, in addition to its smart application, smart communication system, the Nafis platform, and the open data system.

The self-guidance awareness service on the Ministry’s app can accessed to by using the UAE Pass, enabling workers to complete the awareness program in 16 languages and watch an 20-minute video on their rights and responsibilities, as well as the social norms and traditions followed in the UAE society.

The self-guidance service also includes raising awareness on how to file a labour complaint and how to communicate with the Ministry through its channels.

The Ministry will also showcase its latest channel of communication with its customers, which was recently launched through WhatsApp in both Arabic and English. MoHRE is the first federal entity to have a verified business account on the app. The new channel allows employers, labourers, domestic helpers, and other segments of the public to communicate with the Ministry in a flexible and easy manner round-the-clock.

Through the newly introduced channel, users can also enquire about their application status, which is one of the most used services on the Ministry’s website, smart application, and the call centre.

Users will be able to view the Federal Decree-Law on the Regulation of Labour Relations in the private sector and its executive regulations, the Federal Law on Domestic Helpers, and other ministerial resolutions regulating the labour market in the UAE in a reliable and approved manner that protects the privacy of customers’ data.

Easy and Safe

MoHRE will also showcase its smart app at GITEX, which aims to carry out transactions of establishments and domestic helpers easily and safely and to keep them proactively informed of the status of their licenses to avoid fines and violations. The application provides a virtual labour market service that allows users to access and apply to job offers.

Users can benefit from the latest updates on the app, including grievance service, the self-assessment service, the guidance service, and cancelling a labourer who has a labour case. A control panel has also been added on the App that reflects Emiratisation information in G2G application with updated links such as the Labour Market e-magazine, privacy policy, and UAE Government Charter for Future Services.

The updated app also includes the establishment’s category history in the control panel, the service to cancel an employee outside the country, open an establishment, update an establishment, and an option for three visits – job offer application, work contract, and an initial approval of work permit, as well as payment of initial approval fee for work permit, and delivery of work contract. There other services were also launched for domestic helpers – end-of-service account service, registering a labour complaint, and registering a complaint on late payment of wages.

The updated services include cancellation of an unused work permit, cancellation of a temporary work permit, cancellation of a deceased employee records, cancellation of an employee for an infectious disease, and cancellation of a used work permit.

MoHRE has also introduced via its app a dashboard for domestic helpers to be able to see personal documents, as well as issuing a new residency, cancellation of an entry permit, and status modification.

The new smart app update also introduces the press and hold feature, which enables the users to move to the required page automatically. It also links smart services, enhancing the quality of services and increasing usage frequency.

The app uses artificial intelligence and big data to provide improved interface. The application design also combines innovation with the use of technology while also offering the best user experience, taking into account the simplicity of browsing and design, and the flow and interdependence of services to ensure consistency of the experience.

Proactive Innovation

With the smart communication system, MoHRE has become the first government entity to implement the system proactively, as it completes digital transactions while working remotely and provides e-services round-the-clock. The system has smart features that allow checking attachments and transaction data for 40 remote services, supporting MoHRE’s smart and digital transformation journey.


One of the Ministry’s key objectives in its GITEX participation is to introduce visitors to Nafis, a federal government program that aims to boost the competitive efficiency of Emiratis and enables them to take up jobs in the private sector in the coming five years. As one of the programs under the ‘Projects of the 50’ initiative, Nafis aims to contribute to overall UAE’s development.

The program eyes improving the Emirati human development framework and preparing productive talent in the private sector to achieve the goals of effective economic participation in a way that supports the country’s economy, builds a partnership between the public and private sectors, lays the foundations for providing 75,000 jobs in the private sector during the next five years for Emiratis, and provide guidance, vocational training, guidance and advice for participants to enhance the attractiveness of the private sector to Emirati talents.


Visitors to the Ministry’s stand at GITEX will learn about the open data policy, with the aim of continuous development by being open to customers, providing the data and information they need in a transparent and smooth manner, and being informed of their views on the Ministry’s services and activities, where open data can help invent new products, services, and applications. It saves customers’ time and effort and motivates them to innovate.

The participation of MoHRE in GITEX is an opportunity to learn about the latest technologies used in developing the transformation system, and to achieve the vision of UAE’s leadership to keep pace with the future and to benefit from the experiences of other entities in the field of information technology.