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Resourceya On-line Resource Platform To Empower Teachers

Resourceya,  an easy-to-use, diverse online platform for teachers to exchange teaching materials empowering teachers to make a difference.

Resourceya  is an easy-to-use, diverse online platform for teachers to exchange teaching materials. We empower teachers to make a difference. Teachers can find free or inexpensive materials from Resourceya that are both up-to-date and appealing. In addition, teachers can draw inspiration from their colleagues by sharing best practices, recommendations, experiences, perspectives, and ideas with the entire community.

Resourceya, powered by Ryaktive, was founded by United Arab Emirates (UAE) educator Mohamed Bamatraf and United States educator Kevin Simpson. Their aim is providing international teachers with the best possible support and networking opportunities. The mission of Resourceya is to build the most active and inspiring community for teachers in the Middle East and beyond to help shape the future of education.

The team welcomes the Bin Ham Education Group as the first cluster of schools. The group owns and runs five schools in the UAE. Dr. Nabil Kamal Al Farra, the CEO of Bin Ham Education Group, has extensive experience in teaching mathematics inside the UAE for all grades (particularly grades 4 to 12). He has worked in many administrative positions and has been a school principal for American curriculum and Ministry of Education curriculum schools. During his work in administration, Nabil attended many IRTIQAA inspections and received progressed reports for his schools. Published in well-known journals, he is fond of developing the achievement and attitude of teachers in teaching and learning.

Nabil states that “Resourceya is a supportive platform that assists teachers to develop their teaching strategies using different types of resources that enrich the students’ learning. Such a platform will enhance the teacher’s confidence in him/herself when s/he compares his/her resources to others. Resourceya is the first platform based in the United Arab Emirates that encourages cooperation among teachers. Teachers can increase their networking in the same field among the emirates and other countries. Teachers will have the opportunity to have feedback on their works from other people who are in the same domain. I think publishing my resources is serving science and humanity and will help other teachers and students as well. In addition to all of the mentioned benefits, teachers can earn money from sharing their own materials on Resourceya.”

Kevin Simpson, Head of Education at Resourceya, says, “We are elated that the Bin Ham Education Group is the first to join us in the MENA region. Other schools and school groups are invited to our platform as we create a space for international educators to share highly effective resources.”