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Sharjah Ruler launches new human resources policy for Sharjah

New Human Resources Policy for Sharjah


H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, launched the new human resources policy for Sharjah, at a meeting held on Wednesday with several senior officials of the emirate to discuss human resource policies, at Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi Centre.

The Ruler of Sharjah stated that employment 2,249 jobseekers were employed in 2022, and 2,417 will be employed in 2023 the ones that are registered in Sharjah’s Human Resources databases from 2019 or before, and the conditions set by the new policy apply to them.

His Highness indicated that there are conditions according to which the job seeker is registered in the databases of the Human Resources Department, including proof of unemployment, not receiving a pension, considering applicants’ age, and several other conditions, noting that the department will communicate with job seekers to provide Jobs for those who tick the boxes.

His Highness indicated that in 2023, finding job opportunities in Sharjah government agencies will be through three approaches: job replacement, early retirement for those affected by some health conditions provided that the government takes care of the financial differences in the pension, and incompetent employees replacement.

His Highness pointed out the establishment of committees to study the cases of women, advanced in age, seeking jobs, which are 1,700 cases. Their circumstances and conditions will be considered to intervene in cases that require subsidy, in addition to studying the case of retirees other than the salaries of the Sharjah government to raise their wages to at least AED17,500.

His Highness praised the efforts of all committees and work teams that diligently collected data, sorted it, and put forward proposals. The committees will continue working on the employment file, hoping that the new decisions will provide jobs and a decent life and bring joy to the citizens of Sharjah.

The meeting was attended by Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development; Afaf Ibrahim Al Marri, Head of the Sharjah Social Services Department; Dr. Mansour Bin Nassar, Head of the Legal Department of the Government of Sharjah; Omar bin Huraimel Al Shamsi, Head and officials of the Sharjah Human Resources Directorate; and several other officials of the Human Resources Department.