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The Power Of e-Learning: Coca Cola Case Study

Enabley Cuts Training Costs and Improves Effectiveness for Coca Cola

Enabley – a UK based e-learning company provides a platform for one stop training provision.Here’s how they ” enabled” Coca Cola demonstrating the power of learning right across the globe.


The Coca-Cola Company is a total beverage company, offering over 500 brands in more than 200 countries and territories. In addition to the company’s Coca-Cola brands, the portfolio includes some of the world’s most valuable beverage brands.


Our challenge was to strategically accelerate the business capabilities so that our Bottling

Partners and their Stakeholders are able to ensure sustainable business growth. Previous training programs were discontinued as the Bottlers agreed that the resources allocated to the initiative were very high. Therefore we started looking for a solution with the intent to accelerate Coca-Cola System business growth, reignite KO system capabilities, modernize processes, learn and lead the IMCC while amplifying knowledge sharing with higher ROI, foster data-driven decision-making processes and ensure compliance of the current Franchise agreements.


We found the optimization, simplification, and innovation we were looking for with enabley. We created a LEARNING HUB, our first version of a digital learning community, based on synchronous and asynchronous learning, available 24×7, and with a wide selection of topics. Userfriendliness, with a complete system of reports and certification, high security, cost-effective, and compliant with Agile principles. Following a robust and lengthy pilot, involving 600 participants coming from 8 of the 10 bottling partners, we chose enabley as our solution.


  • Increase of learners using the content by 88%.
  • 79% savings of previous training costs.
  • Saved 65% of training time without losing any effectiveness.
  • High engagement, high adoption in the online experience, and eagerness to learn more.



  • Cut training costs
  • Business Growth
  • Ensure company compliance
  • Drive data-based decisions
  • Modernize training processes


  • Increased learner engagement and adoption
  • Saved huge training costs
  • Saved training time
  • Training wherever, whenever, and on any device

Salvador Luna Galindo


“Enabley helped us save 79% of the training costs in respect to our previous solution, while maintaining the effectiveness and dimensions of our training