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Translation Companies Given Boost with Latest UAE Legal Reforms

New laws affecting family and personal affairs give a boost to Translation companies in the UAE


The new laws legislate that an interpreter must be present in all legal procedures involving non-Arabic speakers, opening new opportunities for translation firms who are likely to see an increase in demand for their services. The new laws will affect personal and family law.

Arabic is the country’s official language and is most often used in all legal procedures and all the official paperwork. Up until this new amendment, courtrooms offered the option of having a translator present, and now it is a requirement making the process more streamlined and transparent, providing a better service for expats which will also encourage more trust.

This will undoubtedly benefit the translation -related business in the UAE, with an increase in volume of government related translations regarding the new law.

This latest round of legal reforms announced on November 8, are designed to make the UAE more ex-pat friendly and aligned with international standards, improving legislation and the investment climate.

Under the changes, residents of the UAE will have the right to have their personal affairs dealt with according to the law of their home country instead of the UAE legislation based on sharia where women’s inheritance share is generally half that of men.

The changes cover divorce, wills and inheritance and a person’s citizenship will dictate how their personal affairs are handled.

These new laws are all designed with the intention to show the world that Dubai and the UAE provide one of the most attractive places to live on the planet.