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WorldSkills Asia 2023 Boosting Innovation for Future Generations

UAE's Innovative Projects Receive International Acclaim In WordSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2023


The WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2023 competition is a special edition that fosters creativity and innovation for future generations, aligning with their ambitions to create a better future and attain global recognition.

The UAE’s innovative projects in various fields of engineering, technology, and professionalism received acclaim from several participants, including international experts at the WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi competition.

The projects reflect the UAE’s vision to develop skills that foster innovation, as directed by its leadership. The participants also lauded the successful organisation of the event’s current edition.

A specialist in electrical installations from Taipei, China, said, “The UAE is hosting the WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi competition in a positive environment, showing its leadership in fostering creative skills in engineering and technology, and enhancing its reputation for organising major global events.”

He added that the WorldSkills Asia competition in Abu Dhabi offers students valuable opportunities for their education and careers.

A CNC turning specialist from Taipei, China, praised the UAE for its excellence in organising and hosting global competitions and major international events, adding that he learnt a lot from the event’s current edition in Abu Dhabi despite already participating in previous WorldSkills Asia competitions in different countries.

He also expressed his confidence in the UAE’s ability to host future global skills events, which will help increase the competitiveness of young people around the world. He then invited all nations from Asia and beyond to join the event, which enabled the sharing of knowledge among talented individuals from different continents.

A Korean welding expert commended the organising committee for their excellent work in hosting this key event, which gathers the best contestants from Asia to challenge each other on one stage. The event aims to enhance their skills both academically and practically and prepare them for their future careers in various fields, he added.

The second edition of WorldSkills Asia Abu Dhabi 2023 offers a unique opportunity for new generations of students to learn the innovative methods that competitors use to deal with developmental challenges, he said.

The UAE’s outstanding hosting and organisation impressed Mahmoud Al Qudah, a Qatar-based electrical installations expert. He said that WorldSkills Asia 2023 inspires and empowers students to pursue technical and professional careers, hone their skills, and cultivate a competitive spirit.

The WorldSkills Asia competition showcases the talents of young professionals from 31 countries who excel in 28 skills vital for the future of industries and communities.